Your Breath – God’s Gift For Life

There is a wonderful thing called life transpiring in you right now. As you read this, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Notice the energizing sensation throughout your mind and body. Your breath is God’s gift for life. Humans, plants, animals, birds, fish, creatures received this gift.

The world is in a dynamic gift of awakening at a rate greater than ever before. Universal energy is shifting through you as you awaken more. You are experiencing this uniform, universal, unilateral connectedness with your Spiritual self through your breath. You are connected to the universal breath of life-breathing yourself into being. This rhythmic breathing transpires with every person you spend time with. Thus, being mindful of yours and their impact is important. Does yours or their energy emanate a positive or negative impact?

Henry David Thoreau said, “I want to do an experiment of learning to live in not only appreciation of, but connection with, the stream of life; the current of life that is moving through me.”

Breathing has no respecter of age. Breathing is not a stronger current when you are young and a lesser current with age…it is simply a steady life force. There is no less life in you today than when you were born. However, there is an opportunity to appreciate and connect with the stream of your own life more every second.

I invite you to take a deep breath of appreciation for life every hour. Notice at a cellular level a deep breath activates; an awareness and a connection to your stream of life, the life current that is moving through you.

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