When I Blush

When I blush, I feel the heat creep up from my neck to my forehead. I hear the blood pounding in my ears. It feels like the roots of my hair are on fire. When I blush, it seems to go on and on forever and people notice. When I blush, I feel like an idiot and people think I have done something wrong. When I blush, I look ugly. When I blush it is impossible to carry on a conversation.

If these types of thoughts go through your mind when you blush, the chances are very high that you have Social Anxiety Disorder. You have probably tried all sorts of things to stop blushing. This is a very real condition that many people endure. However, you can begin taking a series of small steps that will eventually help you feel better and blush less.

Blushing is a normal, human reaction to different emotions. The problem occurs when you focus so much on not blushing that it is all you can think about, and of course, you end up blushing and feeling bad about it. You cannot force yourself to stop blushing all at once, but you can begin to make changes that will lead to that end.

You must understand why you blush, when you blush, and that it is a normal reaction. Then you must begin a regimen of caring for your body and building your self confidence. Next, you should begin to care for your mind through meditation and positive thinking. Finally, you will need to begin practicing social skills. All of these things together will help you overcome Social Anxiety Disorder. It may not be a fast process, but it will be effective.

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