What You Read, You Bring In

I had an interesting experience last week. I began reading a non-fiction book about the Bataan Death March. This book chronicles the WWII battle for the Philippines between the US and Japan. It was the worst wartime loss for the United States ever in battle. This book shows in detail the worst decision making on both sides when it comes to respect for humanity.

While reading this book over three days I started to notice a decrease in positive energy. Minor problems started to bug me. Little accidents started happening. It accumulated when I went to go for a bike ride and my sons bike fell on me and scrapped me up. I was enraged to the point I almost threw the bike. Two minutes later while riding I was stung by a bee.

When I started to look back I realized I was so engrossed in the book, all the negative things I was reading I began taking in. What I have found out through research is the brain is unable to differentiate between something that is happening compared to something we read or see. That’s why when we watch a scary movie we feel scared. Or when we read a book, we feel the emotion written whether real or fictional.

Needless to say, I got to page 72 and had to stop reading. The book was good, except I was so engrossed I was taking on all the negative energy portrayed by the poor treatment of humanity by both sides in that battle.

Take into consideration that everything you take in has the ability to affect you, good and bad.

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