Transmute Anger and Fear into a Positive New Direction with Passion and Desire

Anger and Fear have been around a very long time as emotions, driving us in directions we may not want to go and often regret. By becoming aware of these deep emotions we can ask ourselves: are they still serving us? Using passion for life and our desire, we can create a new future direction for our life.

Quite often, if we look deeply at what is making us angry, it can be difficult to identify why we are reacting in this way. It is almost as though we were doing it out of habit or re-enacting a previous situation. Or it could be as simple as: we have always reacted in this way. But why?

By becoming aware of our feeling and questioning what we are doing and why, we bring this subconscious reaction to our conscious mind. We can choose from a field of all possible actions in that moment, what we want to create.

Again, Fear is also an interesting emotion which does not stand up to being questioned. What we fear tends to be a projection either into the past or the future: it very rarely appears in the current time frame.

Fear, again, needs to be examined as it can block our actions and cause us to hold back or to act in an avoiding way, which may not fully serve what we want to achieve. Fear is sometimes referred to as “False Evidence Appearing Real”: when you look steadily at it, the evidence dissolves away before your very eyes.

Therefore there is an urgent need to look at these two emotions and see if they are holding us back in life.

Passion for what we enjoy, and our Soul Purpose, are what drive us in life and create our desires to achieve. More and more people are choosing their job not for the money but because it fulfils their passion and Soul Purpose.

Also, real abundance tends to come in our life when we give freely of our passion. One tends to find that those who enjoy their work give freely and are very creative because they enjoy what they are doing.

Therefore, take a few minutes each day to question your angers and fears. Look at what you are passionate about regarding these issues and see if there is not a more constructive way of reaching the goal.

Use your dreams and imagination to create new possibilities for your Self. Then step your life into those dreams and realise a new life’s purpose for yourself. Live your life in a more fulfilling, purposeful way, which brings joy to your Self and those around you.

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