The Power of Right Thought – Your Purpose

Why is it important to have right thought

The power to think in right ways could be something that could prove very valuable. The understanding of your purpose in life could be very valuable in finding more value in life. If you could clearly determine the true purpose that you have in life, you could find that your life might be more rewarding. It was suggested by one of the contributors in a hit film called “The Secret” that there is no set purpose in life and you can make it whatever you desire. But there are many ways to look at the idea of purpose.

For example an interesting view can be found if we examine one of the great kings in history. King Solomon came to an interesting conclusion regarding the purpose of. mankind. It could be said that he had experience some of the greatest pleasure in life and was said to be a man of great wisdom knowledge and understanding, but it is said that he may have counted all this as nothing. He came to an interesting conclusion which could suggest the need to have a sense of purpose in life. His particular view was that the whole duty of mankind is to serve a power who he termed as God and keep the commandments of this God. So are there useful clues that we can find by examining King Solomon’s philosophy to life.

How can you develop right thinking

The question of how to develop right thinking could be looked at after considering a number of key questions. These could start by asking why is it important to develop right thinking? and what are the benefits that you will gain via right thinking? If you consider that the universe operates due to precise laws and principles, this could lead to the question, if you work inline with these laws can you achieve more from life? And do people who think in a certain way get the same results?

It was said by Wallace D Wattle in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” that if people think in a certain way then they will become rich, so could this be a key to the need to develop right thinking? This could point to the idea that if you were to learn from people who have become successful in life you may also find success by following their methods and techniques. The idea of right thinking and a sense of purpose could be very useful. Also the idea of mentoring as a useful effective way to past skills on to other people. So there may be power in having right or effective thought, and it may be powerful to have a sense of purpose in life. What do you think? – Thoughts to make you wonder.

George M A Brown (c) 25 March 2012

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