Aligning Your Passions – Living With Intent

Transitions, changes, new places. So many of us have recently found ourselves in a place of transition – sometimes by choice, and sometimes not. Perhaps you’ve just come to the realization that your way of being is no longer aligned to you. I was one of the many impacted by this economy. The most beautiful realization, however, was when I discovered this is the journey I supposed to be on.

Twenty months ago, I got that meeting request – the one you know is going to change your life. The one that tells you “your job is being eliminated.” Suddenly, the 60-80 hour work weeks I’d been living, with weeks away from home traveling around the world turned to slower mornings, slower days and a promise to take time for myself – to catch my breath. And it was there that my journey began. This was a journey of self exploration. Who was I? As I pondered this question, I wondered if I hadn’t lost myself somewhere along the way?

Early on, I was certain I was going to return to corporate America. I had wrapped the essence of me into my corporate personna. So certain that my path would lead me back to that role, I spent that first year focused on resumes and cover letters, networking and building strategic plans focused on finding my next corporate role in a relentless economy.

As it turned out, this economy was a gift to me. It gave me time. Time to rediscover my passions. Time to find my strengths and time to redefine my values. The more I ventured into this journey, the more I started wondering if perhaps the universe had different plans for me.

It all became clear one snowy morning last Fall. A circumstantial phone call – delivered at the right time and right place – had me pondering the right question, “what is your passion?” Passion – a word that has always spoken to me. One that I think I lost in my last years of working in the corporate grind. Those years had been about something else – progress, growth, more from less, delivery. The passion had been gone, and I knew it.

My best thinking has always been when I’m in nature, and in particular in the presence of my horses. So with these lingering inquiries about how to bring passion back into my work life, I headed out into that snowy day, and found myself in the barn. My paint mare, Sugaree in particular, was wanting to share in the moment. She stood patiently as I breathed in her warm wet breath on this frosty day. Sugaree offered trust, and you could tell she was pondering this curious state I was in. She offered a willingness to see where this whole experience was leading. After a few moments of this, I turned my back to her back and rested my head upon her steady shoulder – soaking in her warmth and energy. There is a huge energy that encompasses you in a horse’s presence. It fills your crooks and crannies, flows through your veins, calms… sooths. It is such a calm way of being.

When I returned to the house, I took out my journal and my pen had a hard time keeping up with the pace of my mind. Exploring the raw emotions that came forth, but also seeing new visions of what could be. Renewing my commitment to find my authentic self that had somehow been misplaced along the way. Discovering my own gifts and finding a path to me.

They say that following your passion leads to an extraordinary life. As I began to explore the possibilities in connecting my love of nature to my business past – all of the pieces of the puzzle that I had been diligently uncovering over the past few years seemed to drop perfectly into place. It was such an ‘ah ha’ moment that I sat pondering how could I have not seen this path before? This was the day that my coaching firm, Syzygy was born. The day that I knew I had the gift to help people ponder their own possibilities and their passions to discover their unique essence. And living in the beautiful foothills of Colorado – amidst the greatness of nature – enabled me to meld new ways of exploring dreams and visions.

Syzygy is about personal growth grounded in experiences in nature, passion and the power of positive. It’s a journey that can help you discover your life purpose. Aligning your passions. Living with intent. Helping you uncover your own brilliance and ignite the fire to make your dreams a reality.

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